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All custom index data gathered in one place

Dedicated to quantitative portfolio managers, professional investors and index providers


Screen the market

Browse our database of alpha and beta strategies categorised by type and asset class. Save time and resources by finding all the quantitative information you need in just a few clicks.


Select strategies

Sort and rank the indices by return, volatility or information ratio. Filter the market by live track record, providers or risk budget, and create your shortlist of indices corresponding to your needs.


Build your portfolios

Build your quantitative portfolios, run historical simulations and assess the impact of different weighting schemes or rebalancing modes. Incubate your portfolios in quasi live conditions.

Our Core Values


Look at objective statistics and ratios to build the most efficient portfolios. Quantitative tools will allow you to compare indices and portfolios by different providers.


Save time and resources by accessing all the data you need in a few clicks, through innovative search functions and user friendly portfolio construction tools.


Connect directly with index providers, asset managers and professional portfolio managers. Showcase your expertise to prospective investors or within your organisation.


Dedicated to quantitative finance professionals only, Smartalpha connects all parties involved in this business in a safe, efficient and reliable environment.

Free access.

No software download needed.

Only for professionals.

At SmartAlpha, we know a quantitative manager needs access to information and data as a prerequisite to portfolio management. Secured and confidential, each account is validated manually after due diligence on the individual and the company. Our web-based platform is a free and easy-to-access gateway to the custom index business.

Screen the market and build portfolios now

Risk Premia, Smart Beta, Custom Indices

Browse hundreds of indices

Quantitative strategies


Ways to filter indices

900bio USD

Size of the OTC custom index business

1 min

The time needed to create a portfolio

Build and Benchmark Quantitative Portfolios

Build portfolios covering different mandates and profiles

Study the impact of different strategies or weighting schemes

Compare and benchmark different portfolios

Incubate your portfolio live with quasi-real conditions

Smartalpha for index providers

Showcase your expertise, incubate portfolios and strategies with clients, connect with professional investors around the world.

Smartalpha for portfolio managers

Access the most comprehensive database and source of information for quantitative strategies. Build, test and incubate portfolios in a few clicks.

Access a comprehensive range of quantitative tools

Correlation Analysis

Analyse the correlation between different indices to build portfolios that have the most optimal diversification and reach the risk/return profile you are looking for.

Weighting schemes

Use and compare different ways to allocate weights between selected indices: Inverse Volatility weighting allocation, Equal Risk Contribution, ...

Custom Indices

Alpha and Beta Indices are classified by asset class (Equities, Fixed Income, Commodities, etc.) and risk factors (Value, Carry, Momentum, etc.)

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